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The College Crosse Summation For March 1, 2016.

February Lacrosse ended with a bang!

May I have your attention, please?
May I have your attention, please?
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The good people at Inside LacrosseLacrosse Magazine and USILA released their polls yesterday. If you missed it, our man, @Doc_Lunchbox, dropped his weekly polls post on Monday as well. Here is mine:

Aggregation coming up shortly.

Bragging Rights.

Back Then.
Here is what my Top 20 looked like on February 22nd and how it looks today. Bolded teams won this past weekend, while italicized teams lost.  UVA

Eri_Barrister's Top 20 For February 22, 2016 & March 1, 2016.
Rank February 22, 2016 March 1, 2016
1 Denver Denver
2 Notre Dame Notre Dame
3 Maryland Syracuse
4 Syracuse Loyola
5 Loyola Yale
6 Duke Duke
7 Yale Brown
8 Brown Marylnd
9 Johns Hopkins Towson
10 Towson North Carolina
11 North Carolina Hofstra
12 Navy Johns Hopkins
13 Georgetown Albany
14 UVA Ohio State
15 Penn State Harvard
16 Albany Boston U.
17 Ohio State Rutgers
18 Stony Brook Villanova
19 Bucknell Georgetown
20 Hofstra Stony Brook

Quick Hot Takes

  • Dropped out. Navy, Penn State, UVA, and Bucknell didn't make the cut this week. It wasn't so much punishing those teams, as it was that other teams merited attention. If there is an Eri Doctrine it's that I try to reward winning. Nevertheless, this is more "see you soon" than "goodbye forever," as all the recently departed have opportunities to climb back on the guest list this week. However, for right now they had to make way and let others have their week in the sun. 

  • Hold on, don't go just yet. I thought Georgetown and Stony Brook earned the right to stay another week. I am not going to fault Georgetown too much for playing tough early games on the road. However, it doesn't get any easier for the Hoyas as they travel to Hofstra this weekend after playing Mount St. Mary's today.

    I didn't think losing to Brown by 2 points was a reason to drop Stony Brook out of the top 20. I know the Eri Doctrine says reward winning, but Section 2 says, its my list so let 'em hate blogger prerogative can overrule Section 1. I think the Seawolves are good and not having seen Marquette play yet helped to give the edge to Stony Brook this week.
Stuff I want to talk to Ryan about tonight.
  • Towson. Are the Tigers underrated?

  • Harvard's OT winners and is Yale the 3rd best team in D1?


  • The Patriot League. With 9 teams in the conference and an earlier start to their conference schedule will the Patriot League cannibalize itself out of multiple at-large bids?