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Is Frank Underwood Angling for Dave Pietramala's Job?


Mark Davis/Getty Images

House of Cards -- Netflix's massive drama built around the egomaniacal tendencies of Frank Underwood -- is filming at Johns Hopkins' Cordish Center this week.

Johns Hopkins' campus has recently stood in for Underwood's alma mater, The Sentinel (loosely based on South Carolina's The Citadel), and the school's Peabody Institute played as the fictitious Hotel Cotesworth. While Homewood Field and the Cordish Center will likely serve as a mask for another location that exists only in the pseudo reality of House of Cards, I am more inclined to believe that Underwood is now the head coach of Johns Hopkins' men's lacrosse team. The story arc here is undeniable.

(Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. If you're not caught up on House of Cards, this is where you should abandon the internet.)

Having lost his election bid and his marriage, Underwood finds himself without a job or Machiavellian direction. Desiring to be on top of the world again and recognizing that Johns Hopkins alum Mike Bloomberg leveraged his relationship with the university -- an alum and former board of trustees member -- into a position of power, Underwood uses his skills of manipulation to orchestrate a coup of the Johns Hopkins lacrosse program, ensnaring Dave Pietramala in an overly complicated scandal that involves Pietramala funneling cash to a false charity presumed to raise awareness about the cultural strengths of National Bohemian beer (there are none). Pietramala falls for the scheme as he is drawn into Underwood's repeated claims that fostering the charity -- a front that, unknown to Pietramala, provides cash to a lobbying group that works to push legislation that supports concealed carry permits for nuclear weapons -- would increase Pietramala's community involvement and standing in Baltimore and beyond. Capitalizing on the sociopathic arm of the Blue Jays lacrosse fanbase that barely lives in reality to begin with, Underwood courts favor with the sect and finds himself vaulted to the position of head men's lacrosse coach despite having no actual lacrosse experience, assuming the position after Underwood convinces Pietramala to resign in disgrace.

Now atop the college lacrosse hierarchy, Underwood sits at his desk in the Cordish Center with a sly grin, looking at a dossier with the pictures of John Desko, John Tillman, John Danowski, and Bill Tierney paper-clipped to the file folder. The scene is set for season five: Underwood has set his eyes on crushing the souls of Division I's establishment as a member of the establishment.