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USILA Announces 2015 Division I Lacrosse All-America Teams

This is where you scream and shout about things.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The USILA announced their Division I All-America lists today. A total of 88 players earned honors this year, which is eight fewer players than in 2014 but is still somewhere in the vicinity of three percent of Division I's players noted as putting in exceptional efforts this season. Here's how the first team selections look:

First Team

Attack Connor Cannizzaro Denver
Attack Matt Kavanagh Notre Dame
Attack Kevin Rice Syracuse
Attack Lyle Thompson Albany
Midfield Connor Buczek Cornell
Midfield Myles Jones Duke
Midfield Sergio Perkovic Notre Dame
Midfield Chad Tutton North Carolina
LSM Ryan Kilpatrick North Carolina
SSDM Will Haus Duke
FOS Trevor Baptiste Denver
Defense Casey Ikeda Maryland
Defense Matt Landis Notre Dame
Defense Brandon Mullins Syracuse
Goalie Kyle Bernlohr Maryland

Some brief thoughts on the first team:

  • If it was up to me, I probably would have put Kip Orban on the first team instead of Chad Tutton. I also probably would have flipped Ryan Kilpatrick and Larken Kemp. Otherwise, there probably isn't a lot of beef with the first team list (save for the fact that four attackmen and four midfielders were included instead of three).
  • Notre Dame led the way with three first team All-America selections and five schools -- Duke, Syracuse, Denver, Maryland, and North Carolina -- offered two selections to the unit. The ACC owned nine of the 15 selections with no other conference earning more than two selections.
  • Seven players -- Connor Cannizzaro, Trevor Baptiste, Casey Ikeda, Kyle Bernlohr, Matt Kavanagh, Sergio Perkovic, and Matt Landis -- will participate in Championship Weekend in Philadelphia. Every player selected to the first team helped his team to the NCAA Tournament this season.

Here are the rest of the teams:

Second Team

Attack Wes Berg Denver
Attack Jimmy Bitter North Carolina
Attack Ryan Brown Johns Hopkins
Attack Joey Sankey North Carolina
Midfield Deemer Class Duke
Midfield Nicky Galasso Syracuse
Midfield Kip Orban Princeton
LSM Larken Kemp Brown
SSDM Jack Near Notre Dame
FOS Ben Williams Syracuse
Defense Christian Burgdorf Denver
Defense Austin Pifani North Carolina
Defense Jordan Stevens Cornell
Goalie Matt Barrett Virginia

Third Team

Attack Dylan Donahue Syracuse
Attack John Glesener Army
Attack Jesse King Ohio State
Attack Dylan Molloy Brown
Attack Mike Rooney Stony Brook
Midfield Joe LoCascio Maryland
Midfield Zach Miller Denver
Midfield Joel Tinney Johns Hopkins
Midfield Ryan Tucker Virginia
LSM Michael Pellegrino Johns Hopkins
SSDM Ryan Izzo Massachusetts
SSDM Tate Jozokos North Carolina
FOS Kevin Massa Bryant
Defense Jake Bailey North Carolina
Defense Matt Dunn Maryland
Defense Chris Fennell Navy
Defense Robby Haus Ohio State
Defense Michael Quinn Yale
Goalie Gunnar Waldt Bryant
Goalie Tyler White Towson

Honorable Mention

Matt Donovan (Cornell); Conor Doyle (Notre Dmae); Connor Fields (Albany); Luke Goldstock (North Carolina); Dan Lomas (High Point); Mike MacDonald (Princeton); Conrad Oberbeck (Yale); T.J. Sanders (Penn State); Randy Staats (Syracuse); Wells Stanwick (Johns Hopkins); Dan Taylor (Lehigh); Ryan Walsh (Colgate).

Erik Adamson (Denver); Michael Begley (Marist); Craig Berge (Georgetown); Matt Clarkson (Colgate); Greg Coholan (Virginia); Hakeem Lecky (Syracuse); Nick Ossello (Notre Dame); Challen Rogers (Stony Brook); Henry Schoonmaker (Syracuse); Brian Sherlock (Loyola).

Patrick Eaker (Marist); Peter Macartney (Syracuse).

Chris Cook (Cornell).

Charlie Raffa (Maryland).

Carson Cannon (Denver); Garrett Epple (Notre Dame); Patrick Frazier (Loyola); Matt McMahon (Pennsylvania); Jojo Ostrander (Towson); Davi Sacco (Virginia); Austin Schultz (Army); Sean Young (Syracuse).

Tom Carey (Ohio State); Jack Kelly (Brown); Sam Somers (Army); Bobby Wardwell (Syracuse).

Some brief thoughts on the second, third, and honorable mention teams:

  • There are 21 players on the third team list, including five attackmen, four offensive midfielders, two short-stick defensive midfielders, five defensemen, and two goalies. This needs to stop. I understand the importance of making a delineated team, but there are eight fewer third team All-Americans that first and second team All-Americans combined. If there are ties, go to an extra round of voting to break the deadlock and shift players into the honorable mention pool for consideration.
  • The attack candidates were really, really strong this season. It's amazing that Dan Taylor found himself on the honorable mention list and Dylan Molloy and Mike Rooney were third team selections despite incredible seasons.
  • Erik Adamson was a very productive player for Denver this season and probably has a case for team inclusion over Joe LoCascio, Ryan Tucker, or Joel Tinney. He may have had his vote split between teammate Zach Miller.
  • There were 38 honorable mention selections this season. Knock of 13 players -- basically another All-American team -- and the pool of players comes to 25, a very manageable number in the context of 13-player first, second, and third teams. Again: The recognition is understandable, but the total number of players earning the highest honors in college lacrosse is still unwieldy.