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The College Crosse Leap Day Open Game Thread For February 29, 2016. (Plus Highlights!)

Leap Day Lacrosse!

An extra 24 hours of February Lacrosse! Thanks, Leap Year!
An extra 24 hours of February Lacrosse! Thanks, Leap Year!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

All rankings based off the USILA Week 3 Poll.

Leap Day Board For February 29, 2016
Time Game TV/Stream/Live Stats
7:00 #4 Duke vs. Mercer ESPN 3

College Crosse Game Of The Day.

  • Duke vs. Mercer. In a surprise to no one, the only game of the day is the College Crosse Game of the Day!  Even though there aren't many options tonight, remember it's quality over quantity. Furthermore, we all know what happened last week when an ACC team tangled with a SoCon team in a mid-week affair. Could you imagine the uproar if Mercer took down the Blue Devils ...... I mean in lacrosse that is.

    Anyway, while Duke is formidable, this season has been too bonkers to assume anything. Shout out to ESPN for the stream. 

Weekend Highlights.
Sorry! No Curation tonight  but here some links to Duopoly/UNC highlights from this weekend.
I'll be writing a bit tonight (Summation tonight and Aggregation tomorrow) but I'll be watching/Tweeting/commenting. Please make a SB Nation account if you haven't done so already. We love diverse #Banter so just dive right in and join in on the fun.

29 days in February doesn't come often, so make it a special pregame dinner tonight. This calls for a whole pepperoni pie and curly fries from Kosmos on South St slice of veggie whole wheat pizza, and some carrots and hummus!

I'll see you out there!