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The College Crosse Game Day Open Thread For February 26, 2016


Indeed!!  Stand up, Ohio!
Indeed!! Stand up, Ohio!
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

All rankings based off the USILA Week 2 Poll.

February 26, 2016
Time Game TV/Stream/LiveStats
5:00 PM

UMBC vs. Ohio State University


(Ed. Note: Though not on the USILA poll, it should be noted that some people do have Ohio State at #20.)

College Crosse Game Of The Day.

  • UMBC v. Ohio State University. You guessed it ... the only game of the day is our College Crosse Game of the Day! Shut out to the good people at Disney/ESPN/ESPNU for putting this one up on the big screen.

    This will be a tough game for both squads as UMBC is looking for their first win of the season and the Buckeyes are looking to prove to everyone they are back on track after losing to UMass.

    Everyone get hyped ... lax is back on the tube!

    (Ed. Note: Shout out, NedBelieve, for the quality Mad Max GIF suggestion.)
No Curation Tonight.
Probably just going to keep that a weekend thing for now.

I might be a couple minutes late to this one but I will be here and on Twitter for most of the game.  If you haven't yet, please make a SB Nation account and join in on the #Banter! We love diverse opinions so please jump right in and get after it.

I'll see you out there!