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Big Ten Network Announces Full TV Schedule.

Thanks, Mr. Delany!

When State College, PA sees the line up, amirite?!!
When State College, PA sees the line up, amirite?!!
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B1G news today!

I just saw the news on Twitter and because I am a Big Ten homer since I had a minute, I figured why wait for tomorrow's Prospectus when I could put a post together about the great news now! Here's a link to the BTN press release.

Now, before legitimate DEFAMATORY accusations of Big Ten Bias (®) get thrown my way, I passionately insist that you also check out the news cited earlier today in the Prospectus about  the close to 100 EXCELLENT men's and women's games on ESPN this spring. Also don't forget that the WONDERFUL people at CBS Sports, announced back in December that they too will be airing lacrosse games in conjunction with the Patriot League. You're fantastic too, Fox Sports, but I couldn't find a good press release for all your games in time. Here's Lacrosse Magazine's awesome TV page, now updated to include BTN games.

The actual Big Ten tv schedule PDF, can be found here. One interesting note, the Big Ten Tournament Semifinal #1 & #2 games will be on BTN but the title game itself will be on ESPNU. The Big Ten Tournament will be held at (*Looks at notes*) Homewood Field in Baltimore, Maryland. Homewood is the home of the 2015 Big Ten Tournament Champion, Johns Hopkins Blue Jays. (*Looks at notes again*) Additionally, the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays were co-Regular Season Champions of the Big Ten Conference last season as well.

Prime Time BTN Games/B1G Sundays.
Stand up, Penn State! The Nittany Lions will be hosting a couple nice Sunday night games in mid-April. Nice to see B1G Sundays are back! Moreover the Rutgers v. PSU game in Jersey should be a banger as well. Here are a few others that caught my eye.

Maryland at Penn State, 7:00 PM, Sunday April 10, 2016

Johns Hopkins at Penn State, 7:00 PM, Sunday April 17, 2016.

Penn State at Rutgers, 8:00 PM, Friday, April 22, 2016.

Ohio State at Maryland, 7:00 PM, Sunday April 24, 2016.

Rutgers at Ohio State, 7:00 PM, Saturday April 30, 2016.