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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: April 2, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Division I Position Rankings, March 28
Peter Baum, Billy Eisenreich, Mike Sawyer, Thomas Schreiber, Kiel Matisz and Marcus Holman — six of the 14 offensive players have spent their time in college playing either attack or midfield. That reflects the changing nature of college lacrosse (and underscores the lamented loss of the feeding attackmen and two-way midfielders), and it also makes this type of exercise even more difficult.

UnCensered: Does Hopkins Have The Right Stuff?
Over the past couple years, championship teams have used similar blueprints: Have a premier attackman who can control the flow of the game and orchestrate high-octane half-field attacks (Stanwick, Ned Crotty, Kenny Nims); and a few guys who can dominate between the 30s (Chris LaPierre, Parker McKee, Matt Abbott) to tilt the possession war and generate transition opportunities.

Lacrosse, Fighting for Stardom
Is lacrosse really the fastest growing sport in America? In my opinion no, but, it will benefit the sport to gradually climb than soar and fall flat shortly after. The sport of lacrosse has a serious following; the fans of the game are die-hards and stand behind the sport while the outside world stands and watches awkwardly.

Morgan State Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: Way More Than a Game
The first year I played at Morgan I had no idea who we had on our schedule, but a large part of the team was upset that we weren’t playing Howard. I didn’t understand at first until it got through my head what a big deal it is to lax at an HBCU. I didn’t know any specifics other than the fact that they usually played Howard but this year we weren’t. We played in a pickup game were we invited some of the people who had played for Howard to come run with us. They were some pretty cool guys and we all played together like we had all been on the same team for years.

Inside Lacrosse's Sunday Finest: Yale's Shooting Star
Add Yale junior Deron Dempster to any conversation about the most uncanny shooters in lacrosse. Through seven games, Dempster has put all of his shots on goal. He had five goals on five shots in a 10-9 win over Penn; that includes the winning goal with 12 seconds left.

Television Details for Michigan/Ohio State Lacrosse
The Big Ten Network will televise live the University of Michigan spring football game and the "Battle at the Big House" men’s lacrosse game between Michigan and Ohio State live on Saturday, April 14. The spring practice will start at noon EDT and the lacrosse match will start one hour following the conclusion of the football practice at approximately 2:30 p.m. It will also stream live on the BTN2Go.

UVa. lacrosse cranking out victories, no matter the tempo
Reality set in a bit for the Virginia lacrosse team. It was a week into a monthlong stretch that annually created its share of consternation.

Today's beats: Brian Setzer is basically a human defibrillator. The guy has revived not one but two dead music genres: Rockabilly (which, as a zombie music genre, probably should've remained resting in peace) and big band swing. That second revival sold a lot of khaki pants, sure, but it still makes your rump shake. Here's "Rock This Town" off of The Dirty Boogie: