Presenting Stall II!

With, uhh, more and more teams running stall offenses, I present to you, in lieu of Arcade Fire's "Sprawl II" the latest hit lacrosse song since . . . "I Love College" or something . . . "Stall II"! Complete with a slightly less seizure-inducing music video!


They see me running and they told me to stop

Quit these pretentious things and stop running out the clock


Sometimes I wonder if the box is so small

Can we ever get away from the stall?


Living in the stall

10 Lacrosse stars stand like mountains beyond mountains

And there's no end in sight


I need the shooting, someone please fix this craze

I'm not 100% accurate if these schools are stalling (I'm basing from what I've seen) and Wagner's in there because they're Wagner, but the three fast-paced teams sure as hell are right.

(Oh, and I promise eventually I'll do another fun filled lacrosse-related infographic sometime soon. I'm on Spring Break so there's time to kill.)

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