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Who Wants to Go to the Laser Light Show?: College Lacrosse Schedule for April 13, 2012

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Lasers. I pretty much like them in any form -- pen, cannon, disc, surgery, etc. -- but I especially like them in light show form. When I was just a young Suxa, they used to haul us to the local planetarium a couple of times a year so that we could learn about the universe and stuff while lying in our backs in chairs and contemplating whether the turkey sandwich we had for lunch was actually turkey or some kind of processed mind control product that wouldn't make us complain about going to the planetarium. It was okay, I guess, but the only thing about it that made it halfway tolerable would be when the planetarium operator (is there an official designation for such people, like "First Officer of Turdburgering" or something?) would give us a little laser light show at the end.

The smoke machine would start billowing out the business, Led Zepplin's "Kashmir" would start thumping, and then -- BAM! -- laser light show, boy! "JUPITER. IS. FREAKIN'. AWESOME!" It was like having an extra role in A Clockwork Orange, except without the ultraviolence and with more shapes of the America Flag being made somewhere around the pan of the Big Dipper. I always thought that if NASA pumped more cash into laser light shows as part of its public relations campaigns we'd still be sending astronauts to the moon to make sure that any Russians from Mars hadn't started a colony up there.

Anyway, tonight's a bit of an appetizer for tomorrow's big day. Duke's trip to Virginia for the ACC's regular season finale highlights the evening's events. I'd like to think that the Devils can give the Cavaliers a little more of a run than Maryland did a few weeks ago, but a lot is going to turn on whether Duke's defense can survive Virginia's offensive onslaught.

Here's the full boat for tonight:

APRIL 13, 2012
Duke Virginia 6:00 6.0586 1
Yale Brown 7:00 3.1947 2

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: PEW! PEW! FINGER LASERS!) in the comments below.