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The Myth of Rob Pannell

Cornell's Rob Pannell is a lot of things:

  • . . . currently injured.
  • . . . one of the most dangerous attack in the nation when he doesn't have a flat tire.
  • . . . not Pob Rannell, a defenseman with a goatee that hates scoring.

But, you already knew all of that. What you didn't know is that Pannell is also boys with mythical creatures such as the Yetti:


Attention creepy people in Montana: Do not shoot Rob Pannell as he walks through your woods with the Yetti. He has a family and stuff and I'd like to watch him score goals this spring and summer without the hurdle of doing so while nursing gunshot wounds because you're trying to sell his remains to the History Channel as some kind of evidence for a cockamamie "REAL SECRETS OF THE UNKNOWN: REVEALED!" television program.