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College Crosse Comedy: Youth Lacrosse Roundup Podcast by @RaybouldBros.

If you aren't listening to the Youth Lacrosse Roundup Podcast, you don't care about your child's athletic future.

What's good, Petro?!?!
What's good, Petro?!?!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Lacrosse and comedy are two words that you usually don't see together in a sentence. Sure, it isn't uncommon for lacrosse to be the punchline or the object of derision, but it's pretty rare when lax is in on the joke and it's even rarer when a joke about or skit featuring lacrosse is actually funny.

That's what makes skits like Wise Lax Bro so special. Sure, our boy Beck Bennett plays on some lacrosse stereotypes, but it's not mean-spirited or malicious, and most importantly, it was actually funny and made me laugh. 

Unfortunately, stuff like Wise Lax Bro are few and far between. Most of the time it's just some dude making a joke on Twitter about lacrosse players being unathletic or that they wear boat shoes. BORING! But like a rose that sprouted out of a concrete sidewalk, the good people at @RaybouldBros dropped a BANGER last week called "Youth Lacrosse Roundup Podcast" that still has me laughing days later.

If you didn't see me Tweet the video a few days ago, you can find it below (slightly NSFW due to language). The Youth Lacrosse Roundup Podcast features Jerry CaRoach, a father, podcaster, and someone who takes his kid's athletic career seriously.   

The skit was written, preformed, & produced by @JordanRaybould@BretRaybould, & @DanDAgnes. Jordan, Bret, & Dan have their own Youtube page which you can find here with other great skits. The above video is the only one with Jerry CaRoach, but hopefully they do more in the future because this one was pretty dynamite.

(Ed. Note: Now, I know what you are going to say "GTFOH, Safe. You are a shameless Johns Hopkins University homer and are only sharing this video because they gave Dave Pietramala (or "Petro" as his friends call him) a shout out." While that may in fact be true, it doesn't take away from the fact that Jerry and Fat Lou killed it and the video is worth your time.)