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Matt Madalon Named Princeton Head Coach. (H/T @RPDLacrosse)


Tigers on the prowl!
Tigers on the prowl!
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Indeed, Ryan and ANDY are doing God's work this offseason.  #BestOffseasonEver

But back to the Tigers.  Hey Princeton ..... COME ON DOWN!!! With today's announcement, you are off the Coaching Carousel Big Board.

Shout out to the #DarkCornersWhisperer, @RyanDaney for the tips.

The man knows his stuff.

Coaching Carousel Board
School Conference Present Status
Princeton Ivy Princeton named Matt Madalon BOSS.
Vermont America East Ryan Curtis stepped down.  No interim/acting head coach named.
Binghamton America East Scott Nelson will not return. No interim named.
Hartford America East Ryan Martin promoted to BOSS.
UMBC America East Don Zimmerman retired (Effective July 1). There is nothing mentioned in the school release about an interim/acting coach.
Jacksonville SoCon Jacksonville names John Galloway BOSS.
irginia ACC Dom Starsia will not return. No interim named.

To the press release!

Princeton's Ford Family Director of Athletics, Mollie Marcoux was very pleased.

"After an exhaustive national search, we are thrilled to announce Coach Matt Madalon as the next head coach of Princeton Lacrosse, Matt has demonstrated tremendous commitment to and passion for Princeton lacrosse for the past three years and, in particular, since taking over as interim head coach. His in-depth knowledge of the short-term and long-term needs of the program, the recruiting landscape, our current student-athletes, and his clear and decisive plan to bring Princeton lacrosse back to national prominence will make him highly successful in this new role. Coach Madalon has the unique personal characteristics, coaching philosophy and work ethic of our very best and most successful coaches at Princeton, and we look forward to supporting his enthusiasm and his comprehensive plan for success at the Ivy League and national level. "

BOSS Madalon was very obviously happy about the news and eager to get started.

"I am honored to be the full-time head coach at Princeton, and I cannot wait to get started. We will honor the past of Princeton lacrosse and all of the great players who have come through this program in everything we do. This is one of the premiere programs in Division I college lacrosse history, and everyone associated with the program will work as hard as possible as we move forward into a new era for the Tigers."

Princeton great Tom Schreiber, who played under Madalon for one season, was also pleased with the decision.

"Coach Madalon is an outstanding leader who is utterly revered by his players. As someone who is close to many current players, it is clear that Coach Madalon, in his short time as interim head coach, has earned the team’s trust and respect. His passion for the program is unrivaled, and I am confident he will return Princeton lacrosse to national prominence."

In our Coaching Carousel for Princeton I noted that while Princeton was upfront in that they were doing a national search, I thought Madalon preformed admirably last year and deserved a shot as head coach at Princeton or somewhere else. His performance last year was obviously not lost on Princeton, as he turned a turbulent and unusual season into being named the 11th head coach in the history of the program.

This may not provide a great deal of sizzle for those on the outside, but I think this is a very popular move for many in the Princeton family. Getting former players like Schreiber and member of the Tigers 1992 NCAA title team, Ed Calkins, to cosign on the decision was a great move and demonstrates that the administration was sensitive to the alumni community and wanted their input. Calkins stated that:

“Since he became interim head coach and every day since, Coach Madalon has tirelessly distinguished himself as the right coach for the Princeton men’s lacrosse program. He is passionate about the program, its players and the recruiting process, and to making the necessary changes to return Princeton lacrosse to national prominence. He has our full support to execute on that mission.”

This was obviously a deliberate decision, however, being slow is not a bad thing, so long as you get the guy you want.  Princeton had great progress on offense during Madalon's first two seasons (avergaing 12 Goals/game), and his performance as interim coach last year demonstrated he was a good leader in difficult times. Offensive recruits are probably relieved, and this provides some needed stability after a unique season. I think this was a great move by Princeton for the short and long term, as I think Madalon is just getting warmed up.