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College Crosse 2017 Scouting Report: Hampton Pirates.

Fresh off their rookie season the Pirates are headed in the right direction.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

As part of our offseason we are doing an early 2017 scouting report on every D1 team. Our first one was on the Cleveland State Vikings. Additionally, the kid Chris is doing a great series called the Good, the Bad, and the Future as well, definitely make sure to read his first one on the Independents & America East and his most recent one on the NEC.

Now on to @Hampton_MLax!

Hampton Pirates.

Profile: In their inaugural season as a D1 team, Hampton's real goal was showcasing the sport on campus and getting some attention for the university's newest program. Mission accomplished! Sporstcenter came to town before their first game, and the country was introduced to the story of Michael Crawford, his wonderful mother Verina Mathis-Crawford, and BOSS Lloyd Carter, the foundation of lacrosse at Hampton. While consistent on field success might be a few years, Hampton's impact off the field was felt immediately.

2016 Record: Hampton played a modified 5-game season and went 0-5. It was their first season, so we won't knock the Pirates too much for not getting a win. But as I always say, there are no moral victories in lacrosse! We're gonna need some Ws next year, Hampton!

Roster: Hampton's 2016 roster only had 2 seniors, so an overwhelming majority of the team should be back next year. A summer of offseason training, fall ball, and and another preseason should greatly benefit Hampton's returning players, especially rising juniors Kendall Sapp and Darrell Kid.

Sapp led the team in points with 9 (6 Gs, 3 As) and Kidd was second on the team in points with 7 (4 Gs, 3 As), and GBs (13). Both players should have an even better season next year and build on their 2016 experiences. Moreover, Hampton's incoming freshmen will certainly benefit from their leadership as well.

Hampton is definitely attracting recruits. The level of talent on the team will only grow as BOSS Carter starts bringing in more recruited players. This recent post about  incoming freshman Josh Square demonstrates how Hampton is leveraging the media attention it's received into recruiting success.

Conference: Hampton is an independent, so no conference race for the Pirates in 2017. This is #BaselessSpeculation, but given its location in talent-rich Virginia, Hampton wouldn't be a bad addition to the Southern Conference if the SoCon looks to expand in a few years. Geographically, the Pirates are great for the conference, and Southern Conference teams provide a great template for how to build a program quickly. Adding Hampton could be a win-win for both the SoCon and the Pirates.

What are they doing this summer: Lacrosse Magazine did a great post on what's next for the Pirates after their historic first season, which I implore you all to read. I loved this line:

"We plan on winning some games next year," said coach Lloyd Carter, who played on the last Morgan State team. "We started out with guys who play lacrosse. The kids we have coming in are lacrosse players."

I like the sound of that!

Additionally, the Pirates are holding a Prospect Camp on July 23rd.

2017 outlook: 2017 will probably be another uphill year for the Pirates. However, they going in the right direction. Hampton has a great leader in BOSS Carter, so they are in good hands, nevertheless, it will still take 2-3 years for coach Carter to fill the roster with recruited players before the Pirates are consistently competitive on the field.

While the Big BBQ 2017 might be out of the question next year, getting one or two wins is certainly possible.

Non-Sequitor: I need a halftime show from the Hampton band for every home game next year.