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The College Crossecast: Yet Another Boston Special with Marisa Ingemi

College Crossecast welcomes in In Lacrosse We Trust founder and College Crosse contributor Marisa Ingemi onto the pod.

WARNING: We talk baseball a bit.
WARNING: We talk baseball a bit.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for some more hockey and geography talk that disguises itself as a college lacrosse podcast? Look no further to another College Crossecast special with Marisa Ingemi!

But don't worry, she's got some good lacrosse analysis to make this an actual factual lacrosse podcast as well as some stories about how she fell in love with the sport. We discuss the growth of the Boston University program and their shot at making the Patriot League tournament with a critical game against Holy Cross on the horizon tonight. We also chat about the Patriot League as a whole, whether or not the format of the league is beneficial to them, and the big picture of the upcoming NCAA Tournament. We also chat a little MLL, UWLX, and Marisa's pop culture and sports favorites.

You can subscribe on iTunes to listen to the podcast, click on the link here, or listen to it down below.

Marisa also added some of her favorite songs to our Spotify playlist. Yes, hockey fans, there's some WEEEEEE AREE THE WAAARRIIIOOORRRRSSS THAT BUIIILLLTTTTTT THIIISSSSSS TOOOOOOWNNNN involved.