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The College Crosse Scoreboard, Highlights & Press Conferences: Cornell Defeats Syracuse 10-9 In Overtime.

Wild one in Ithaca.

Go Big Red!
Go Big Red!
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College Crosse Scoreboard
Box Score Winning Team Recap
Syracuse 9 vs. Cornell 10 (OT) Cornell Recap

College Crosse Recap.

Amazing game in Ithaca that went final while we were taping the podcast. Cornell stunned the Orange in OT to get their 5th win of the season. The Big Red were led in scoring by Clarke Petterson with 3 Gs, the last of which tied the game at 8 with a little over 8 minutes to play. Syracuse's Nick Mariano scored less than a minute later to retake the lead for the Orange. Cornell's Dan Bockel then scored to tie the game at 9 with 7:46 to play. Neither team would score again before the end of regulation.  In OT, Ryan Matthews stuffed in the game winner for the Big Red.

Syracuse played well and beat Cornell in almost every single team stat category. Indeed, the Orange received another stellar performance from Ben Williams who won 18/22 faceoffs. Additionally, Nick Mariano had 4 Gs, the Orange had nearly half the number of turnovers as the Big Red (6 to 10, respectively), and Syracuse had 4 EMOs to Cornell's 1. However, Cornell's Brennan Donville's 13 saves stymied the Orange offense as they failed to get double digits for only the 3rd time all season. Cornell also received a couple big goals from Kason Tarbell.

Cornell at 5-5, still has some work to do in the Ivy (1-3), but this was definitely the kind of win that can reinvigorate a team down the stretch. Syracuse is now 6-4 on the season and 1-2 in the ACC. Another OT loss has not gone over well in Orange comments sections around the world.

Next Game.

  • Syracuse plays North Carolina in the Dome on April 16, 2016.
  • Cornell plays at Lehigh on April 16, 2016.
Highlights and Press Conferences.

  • Cornell highlights.

  • Cornell postgame press conference.

    (Ed. Note: Anyone else loving Shout playing in the background?)

  • Syracuse highlights.

  • BOSS Desko postgame press conference.

  • Evan Molloy & Nick Mariano postgame comments.