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The College Crossecast Ep. 11: Hire Us, Princeton!

The lacrosse world went on fire yet again on a Tuesday night and College Crossecast is here to try and pick up the pieces.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Just before we hit record on College Crossecast this week, #9 Syracuse lost to Cornell and #8 Stony Brook lost to Marist. In other words, it's another week where everything's going nuts and we have to make sense of it instantly. And by make sense we mean we're befuddled like you and we've got to spend over two hours to talk about it.

This week's pod has us dive into the Chris Bates situation at Princeton (again) and the NCAA's decision to put the Final Four back in Foxborough in 2017 and 2018. From there we recap the games from the past week while picking up the pieces of another wild Tuesday night. We also look ahead to lots of games that have 1st place in conferences hanging in the balance, as well as talk polls and RPI (HINT: Lacrosse Magazine's poll and their placement of Duke garners quite a bit of discussion). We even threw in some Stanley Cup Playoff and NBA Playoff picks for good measure.

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This week's Spotify additions were "Create Your Own Playlist" for the two of us, as we mixed up our song selections. Eri picked out his favorite bangers while Ryan went with the hockey theme with EA Sports NHL series soundtrack songs. Both can be found in the player below.