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The Weekend in Stick: Face Melt (Part II)

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"The Weekend in Stick": It's exactly what it sounds like -- a recapitulation of this weekend's most notable. No doink.

(Part I is here.)

Part I gave you all the big stories from this weekend; Part II is all about the little stories that are notable and adorable in easily digestible form.


Even though it was totally imaginary due to its lack of an automatic NCAA Tournament invitiation, the NEC crowned its champion on Sunday -- Bryant; the new peasant-in-charge threw aside Mount St. Mary's, 12-6, out in Pittsburgh; the Mount's charge to the tournament finals was par for the course in the nuttiest college lacrosse season ever, knocking off top-seed and host Robert Morris in overtime, 16-5 . . . Johns Hopkins used a second half surge to move past Army, 13-6; President Obama is to allocate greater defensive resources to Army to protect the country's national interests . . . Stony Brook emerged from the Saddest Party Ever Thrown to capture the America East's automatic invitation to the NCAA Tournament following a 14-8 defeat of Albany; the Great Danes and Seawolves were knotted at the half at five, but some slick play in the second half from Jeff Tundo eventually stuffed the former Reverse Survivor contenders . . . #teamone is all done following a 19-5 defeat at the hands of North Carolina; John Paul should be very proud of the work he and his program did this season . . . Massachusetts took home top THUNDERDOME! honors with its 18-12 shellacking of Drexel at Garber Field; the Dragons moved on to the tournament finals after dropping Penn State, which may have sealed the Nittany Lions' NCAA Tournament fate (THUNDERDOME! gonna THUNDERDOME!) . . . Loyola captured the ECAC championship with a 14-7 smoke show of Fairfield; Reid Acton owns your face.


Your best individual performances from the weekend:

  • Backstop Circus: There wasn't one goalie that registered at least 15 saves this weekend. (Lazy bums.) High honors this week, therefore, go to America (because it rules).
  • Will Manny Award for Being Will Manny: Marcus Holman's 10-point performance against Michigan is fancy, but it was against Michigan. So, we'll go with Peter Baum's seven-point Bugs Bunny production against Maryland. (Will Manny went three-and-one against Drexel in the THUNDERDOME! final. He was given a set of brass knuckles as a reward for his efforts.)
  • "Five-Goal Club and More!": Peter Baum (5, Colgate); Zach Palmer (5, Johns Hopkins); Marcus Holman (6, North Carolina); and Deron Dempster (8, Yale).
  • Rock 'n Roll Band: fun. They're neat.

Do you have anything else to add from this weekend? The comments, they are yours.