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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Infographs: #8 UNC vs. Denver

It's the 2012 NCAA Tournament! Take out the nice napkins and make sure that your kid doesn't have crap all over his face. College Crosse has this all under control, so feel safe, friends. If you missed anything -- and you really shouldn't because you're only hurting yourself if you do -- click this fancy highlighted text to get all caught up.

Dropkick Murphys Song of the Matchup: "Hang 'Em High" because with these two offenses, all you gotta say is "now lower the cannons the battle begins."

Dropkick Murphys - Hang 'Em High (via cherryapplejuice)

Are you ready for some Saturday Night Fireworks? Oh no, we're not allowing you to watch Capitals-Rangers Game 7. Come on, that's just gonna be Lundqvist and Holtby stopping pucks. This? OFFENSIVE EXPLOSIONS AND NOT THAT MUCH DEFENSE! The Denver Pioneers head to Chapel Hill to take on the UNC Tar Heels in what should be a high scoring affair. Denver got into the tournament by the skin of their teeth and UNC just held on to a home game (your welcome RPI ruining everything by scheduling Michigan). What will happen Saturday night? Anything and everything, to be quite honest. Here's how they look against one another in terms of stats.