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NEC Lacrosse Tournament Infographic: Overview

Every Division I tournament. Every team. College Crosse has it all on lockdown. Please send cookies and naptime. Today we're slashing to bits the NEC Tournament.

No bid? No problem! College Crosse has the NEC Tournament covered, too. We don't say Every Division I Tournament for nothing. As I mentioned yesterday, I've been stuffed with finals as of late, so I won't be able to get to the fun team profiles and matchup infographics until possibly the championship round. But that doesn't stop me from coming out with an overview for the NEC Tournament! The conference is only in its second year of existence, thus the NCAA does not grant an auto-bid to the NEC, but the fun is still coming to Moon Township! Here's a look at the tournament as a whole, including a very brief history lesson.


If you click on it, you can see it CLEARER! LARGER! MORE MIND-BLOWING!