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What Ever Happened to Rec Specs?: College Lacrosse Schedule for March 14, 2012

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Do you see those things up there? Yup? Those are rec specs and apparently they've been banished to history to hang out with slap bracelets and those weight loss machines that were basically pieces of cloth wrapped around your belly and powered with an outboard motor.

I miss the classic rec specs, man. Nowadays, everybody is either wearing contact lenses -- or, as I call them, Stealth Nerd Technology -- or prescription Oakley's. Those things are fine for the athletically-inclined and optically-challenged, but the rec specs were special: In just one accessory, you let the world know of your non-stop hustle and willingness to take bumps and bruises for the glory of "Team U." The rec specs were an institution for "no-talent, why-is-this-guy-calling-fouls-during-pickup?" cats.

You are sorely missed.

Anyway, it's a light slate tonight (as light as you can get, in fact). There's only one game on the docket: The Saints travel to West Hartford to play the Hawks. Siena is in the midst of a three-game losing streak and Hartford is looking for its second win on the season.

MARCH 14, 2012
Siena Hartford 3:30 N/A N/A

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Kurt Rambis -- most rec specs player ever?) in the comments below.