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Today We Are All Seahawks: College Lacrosse Schedule for March 16, 2012

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This has to be the day, right? I mean, if Wagner doesn't beat Mercer today down in Georgia, we're talking about extending a 691-day losing streak that doesn't appear to have a bettor's chance of stopping until the 2013 season. That's doubleplusungood.

I have faith in Matt Poskay's Chico's Bail Bonds-sponsored outfit, though. The Seahawks are coming off two one-goal losses, the latest being a majestic overtime heart-breaker against VMI. Wagner is so close to victory that it's taunting them -- tongue extended -- to douse people in Gatorade from big ol' jugs.

Or, of course, Mercer wins and: (1) takes itself out of Reverse Survivor contention; and (2) tastes its first victory ever against a Division I outfit. That's a nice story to write, too, but not as fun as one that contains the headline, "Wagner Wins and Earth Doesn't Implode on Itself!"

The other game today is an ESPNU special: North Carolina, fresh off a 9-8 victory last week against Princeton in the Face-Off Classic, travels to Durham, North Carolina, to play its bestest friend in the whole wide world -- Duke. It may be a little early in the season to write that both teams need this win, but it is a conference game and neither team has exactly lit the world on fire through the first third of the season.

MARCH 16, 2012
Wagner Mercer 1:00 0.0170 2
North Carolina Duke 5:00 3.8814 1

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: "Strike Force Sexy": If Wagner renamed its athletic teams this, would it make them better?) in the comments below.