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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Infographs: Annapolis Quarterfinals

It's the 2012 NCAA Tournament! Take out the nice napkins and make sure that your kid doesn't have crap all over his face. College Crosse has this all under control, so feel safe, friends. If you missed anything -- and you really shouldn't because you're only hurting yourself if you do -- click this fancy highlighted text to get all caught up.

The only issue with these infographics are that they get a little redundant this time of year. And when it comes to the two games in Annapolis, you've seen these things already a few weeks ago (ahem and sorta ahem). However, because you guys love infographics, and you love rivalries, which Johns Hopkins-Maryland and Loyola-Denver are two of the best in the biz, and I love the readers of this site, so without further ado, here's two matchup infographics for the games you'll see Saturday on ESPN2 from Annapolis, Maryland. Good luck with traffic on I-97 if you're going from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium to the Preakness. I'm still not sure which genius at the NCAA thought that was a good idea...

Maryland vs. #2 Johns Hopkins

Dropkick Murphys Song(s) of the Matchup: Mandatory "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya" and "Which Side Are You On?" for the rivalry aspect.


Denver-Loyola comes after the jump

Denver vs. #1 Loyola

Dropkick Murphys Song of the Matchup: Might as well do "Boys on the Docks" because this game's right on the water, right?