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2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Quarterfinals Open Thread: Denver at Loyola (1)

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I haven't received the report from science yet, but I'm pretty sure that Denver and Loyola are going to tear a hole in the space-time continuum today. It's just a hunch, but I'm usually pretty good a figuring out how lacrosse impacts the great unknown. (That was actually my major in college. You really can get a degree in anything if you put your mind -- and laziness in studying -- to it.)

The Pioneers and Greyhounds have met twice this season with Loyola basking in Gatorade baths on both occasions. I'm not sure how this afternoon is going to shake out, but there are a few things knocking around my skull:

  • Denver is playing some of its best lacrosse this season rightthisverysecond. If the Pios win today, I really think that Memorial Monday could have some gold and maroon.
  • Loyola-Denver may be the epitome of a possession war. The Pioneers are playing just over four more offensive possessions per 60 minutes of play than their opponents; the 'Hounds hold virtually the same mark as Denver. The Chase Carraro-J.P. Dalton duel at the dot may ultimately decide how the game plays out. Which reminds me: Remember to send your favorite specialist a thank you card on their birthday. They deserve it.
  • Sawyer-Lusby-Butts is sweetness; Matthews-Demopoulos-Berg-Law-A Gorilla With a Laser Gun is even more exciting. Make the sexy out there, people.

I really can't wait for this one. Anyway, here's how the game shakes out on the Fun Factor scale:

Denver Loyola 2:30 5.1235 1

This is your open thread for the game. What's your favorite color? Mine is techni.

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