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UVA In Talks With Brown's Lars Tiffany. (H/T @RPDLacrosse & @WhiteysWorld365)


UVA in the spotlight!!
UVA in the spotlight!!
Rob Carr/Getty Images

After weeks of jokes, memes, GIFs, and Tweets, it looks like UVA might have the last laugh. Multiple reports state that Brown's BOSS, Lars Tiffany, is in line to replace Dom Starsia as the next BOSS of the men's program at UVA.  We were first tipped off about this potentially huge move from Ryan Danehy (@RPDLacrosse, aka the Source God aka the #DarkCornersWhisperer) who Tweeted out yesterday that:

Now THAT'S a fire Tweet. As we all know Ryan nailed the Madalon to Princeton news, and his batting average regarding coaching stuff has been very impressive this offseason. You are really missing out if you aren't listening to the @InYourFaceLaxCast with him and ANDY Towers.

Now if Ryan's Tweet weren't hot enough, Whitelawl Reid (@WhiteysWorld365) came in today and dump several liters of gas on the situation to get things really cooking. Whitelaw Tweeted out that he:

Now we're REALLY cooking. Here is a direct link to Whitelaw's article in the Daily Progress.That last sentence though!!!!

Coincidentally, it was Brown who beat Virginia, 19-11, in what turned out to be the final game of Starsia’s UVa career. If Tiffany’s comes to Virginia, Starsia figures to be a candidate to return to Brown.

As always, we're on the case.