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College Crosse's Best of March

10 stories or things that worked out less than terrible.

This guy has no idea what he's endorsing.
This guy has no idea what he's endorsing.

March is just about in the books and that means only one thing: We're one month closer to discovering that Dwight D. Eisenhower was part werewolf. So, that's . . . something.

Other than that, it's time to recap 10 of the bigger and better stories that graced this fine Internet real estate over the last 31 or so days. Let's get it.

Working to Make Analytics Work
There was all kinds of stuff that published this past month built around lacrosse analytics. It covered the universe of things that you violently care about -- how Marquette managed their first win of the season, how Albany's has addressed the questions that surrounded the program going into the season, the impact of the new rules on pace of play, and whether face-offs truly matter. It's great stuff, even if you want to throw food at it.

Conference Realignment Won't Stop Even When You're Dead
I don't think there's a thing that appears on this particular Internet real estate that generates as much discussion as conference realignment. Here's the thing: It is never, ever going to stop. At least this month wasn't filled with explosive realignment news, unless, of course, you consider the Big East maintaining its lacrosse concerns an explosive news item.

Et Cetera
Stuff that was stuff that you can't stuff any place else.