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College Crossecast Patreon Episode 1: Georgetown’s Jake Carraway

Safe and Jake sitdown for an immensely fun conversation with the Hoyas all time leading scorer

Rafael Suanes/Georgetown Athletics

Georgetown’s all-time leader in points & goals, and current member of the Premier Lacrosse League’s Atlas Lacrosse Club, Jake Carraway, joins College Crossecast for a very special episode as we interview him about his background growing up in Annapolis, his high school playing days at St. Mary’s, his incredible career with the Hoyas and his memories of helping that program return to prominence, what he thinks of the Premier Lacrosse League so far and his transition to the pro game, as well as his plans for post-college life (congrats on the new job on Monday, Jake!) This is just a taste of some of what we have planned for our Patreon subscribers, where we have several more interviews lined up with some famous guests, so be sure to join The Crosse Commission at for early and exclusive access to episodes like these as they come out over the coming weeks!