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Important Rob Pannell News

The story is still developing, but here's the latest.

Mitchell Layton

You know Rob Pannell, right? He's Cornell's tactical nuclear weapon, the 2011 Enners Award winner, a two-time Turnbull Award winner, a Tewaaraton finalist, and a two-time first-team All-American. Every lacrosse fan knows that stuff, though. What you may not know is that he's also a dreamboat:

If you're having trouble seeing that, Seventeen -- basically the New England Journal of Medicine when it comes to research concentrated on identifying whether guys are "dreamy" or "total losers" -- named Pannell one of its 25 hottest guys in college sports. And when Macey Hall names you a super cute guy, you know things -- important things that involve mobs of girls that scream for no reason other than that you're in their immediate or relative presence -- are going to start happening to you now.

Unfortunately, Hofstra's Michael Hamilton didn't make Seventeen's list. Girls can be really mean sometimes.