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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 177: Entering the World Famous Transfer Portal

Coaches are moving, players are moving, the PLL season is moving, and money’s moving. We chat about it all on a new CROSSECAST.

2021 NCAA Division II Women’s Golf Championship Photo by Justin Tafoya/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

COLLEGE CROSSECAST is back with an offseason episode to help get you through the early part of the summer! With the transfer portal open, musical chairs being played in NCAA Women’s Lacrosse heading coaching positions, and the PLL season at full swing, plus a thing you may have heard about with student-athletes being able to make some money, there’s plenty to talk about.

I’m joined as always by Safe and Jake as we chat about the coaching moves in women’s and men’s lacrosse (1:00), then take a deep dive into the transfer portal (32:15). We take a little stock into where the 2022 pecking order stands at this juncture (1:33:00) and share a few observations of the first bit of the PLL season (1:47:00, and yes we actually have good things to say about pro lacrosse). Then we wrap it up with a fun discussion on the passage of NIL rights for student-athletes to make money and share some of our dream scenarios for sponsorships (1:59:00, and here’s a hint).

Listen to the episode down below or by heading over to Podomatic, subscribing on your favorite podcast outlet, or streaming on services such as Spotify.