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Announcement: The Crosse Commission Patreon!

Some news on some new content and features coming your way from us

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We have some exciting news to share with you all today that maybe you’ve already seen on your social media, but in case you haven’t....we’ve created a Patreon!

You can find us on Patreon at The Crosse Commission, a new name, but same us, where we’ll be providing you guys with a lot of the same content that you’ve come to enjoy from us, but more and with some more features and diversified content, as well as hopefully in the future, some diversified voices as well. The tiers are reasonably priced from $1 to support the show to $8 for the whole loot; where you can get Crossecast bonus episodes, including a subscribers choice episode, mailbag episode, as well as interviews and features that we do with players and coaches; along with a weekly newsletter from one of Jake, Safe, or Ryan! Check out the link embedded to learn more and hopefully, subscribe!

You may be asking “what does this mean for the Crossecast or College Crosse dot com?” The answer? Nothing! We’ll still be doing the Crossecast on our normal schedule, and we’ll still have content here on the website as well. We’re just monetizing some additional content on the Patreon thanks to the loyal supporter base we have. And if you do choose to subscribe, money will be put back into the Crossecast to improve audio quality and continue to host the podcast, and we will hopefully be able to bring additional people on board to contribute and write on the site and be on the podcast.

We thank you for your support so far and we hope you continue to listen or read us where we’re at, which now includes a new home on Patreon; where we hope you subscribe now at Patron Checkout | Patreon!