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The Laser-Focused and Complex Coaching Mind of Duke Head Coach John Danowski

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Duke head coach John Danowski has a lot on his plate this week. His Devils will face-off against Peter Baum and the Colgate Death Machine on Sunday in Philadelphia with a spot in Championship Weekend at Gillette Stadium on the line. The stakes couldn't be higher for Team Danowski, unless, of course, the fate of civilization rested on the necessity of Duke getting the win at PPL Park. (Which, until science adequately proves to me otherwise, may actually be haning in the balance.)

You're probably thinking that Danowski has locked himself in the Duke lacrosse offices, watching film of Colgate non-stop with his eyes held open like in A Clockwork Orange. You'd think that he's spending hours and hours trying to find tendencies in Conor Murphy's work, a goalie that he, nor the rest of the country, has not seen much of this season. You may surmise that he spent the better part of early week preparations breaking down how he wants to deal with Ryan Walsh and Jeff Ledwick and their relationship in the offensive end with Baum, noshing on take-out while he deftly determines where and how he wants to deploy C.J. Costabile, Mike Manley, and Henry Lobb against the Raiders' trio.

Maybe he occupied his mind trying to find advantages that Brendan Fowler and Costabile can exploit at the dot against Rob Grabher? What about extended strategy sessions to deal with Colgate's ride or the Raiders' abiility to get out and generate turnovers?

These are all reasonable assumptions as to what is going through Danowski's mind this week. They are all, however, completely off base and affirmation that coaches operate on a completely different plane from the rest of us scrubs:

Please tell me that he lost his mind when he found Jordan Wolf, Josh Dionne, and Rob Rotanz playing with slot cars in a dorm room. Let's just hope that he doesn't put a bounty on Baum's head.

I love this guy.