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Garber Field Becoming Less Awful

Garber Field is receiving some much needed love, including a replacement of the field's disastrous turf.

Jason Szenes/Getty Images

Garber Field has a ton of history and has served as one of college lacrosse's enduring environments, fostering some of New England's best lacrosse while also standing as the destruction zone for Syracuse's 20-plus year Championship Weekend streak. Yet, despite the stadium's unique position in the tradition of Division I lacrosse, Garber Field suffered from a major flaw: The field surface was of the same technology that put astronauts on the moon in the 1960's. The turf at Garber was as notorious as the Garber Gorillas, but that situation is in the midst of changing:

The only justice for the old surface is having it shot out of a cannon into the sun.

So, what did the university choose as its new surface? 110 yards of land mines? Natural grass with various devices to ruin bodies, not unlike the floor of the Battlebots combat arena? Unfortunately, it's none of those things -- it's scientifically safe field turf (bummer, man):

The University of Massachusetts Athletic Department is in the process of replacing the playing surface at Garber Field, the home venue for head coach Greg Cannella's men's lacrosse program. The facility, which is receiving a new field turf surface, will also host head coach Angela McMahon's women's lacrosse program beginning in 2015-16.

The old turf was cut into sections, rolled up and removed from the site during the month of May before construction crews broke apart and hauled off the approximately 6-to-8 foot wide path of asphalt that previous surrounded the playing area. Work will continue at the venue throughout the summer months.

There's a full photo gallery here.

Adios, Death Turf. Hello, won-turn-knees-into-goo.