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Lacrosse the Internet: June 16, 2015

There's nothing I love more than a minivan pulled over for "speeding."


10 Who Impressed: Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Invitational, Monday
Stalking kids, yo.

Standouts and Notes from Adrenaline’s Black Card Showcase and Platinum Cup
Attracting triple-digit college coaches and the lion’s share of the most reputable club programs out there, Adrenaline put on a massive weekend of lacrosse at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School this weekend just outside of Philadelphia.

Ryan Brown Highlights
The 2015 work of the Blue Jay shooter.

20 Players Who Impressed At Baltimore Summer Kickoff Session I
Put on by the staff at High Point University, the Baltimore Summer Kickoff has become a favorite for college recruiters (a total of 109 attended this weekend) and a wealth of established club programs from as far as Illinois, Canada and Florida. Nestled on the beautiful campus of the St. Paul’s Schools north of Baltimore, the event took place on Saturday and Sunday, with a pair of All-Star Games taking place on Saturday evening.

St. Dominic's (NY) 2017 A JJ Alicea will look to get his points across at Bucknell
Size. Check.


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