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2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Your Final Four Playlists

Crank up the tunes this weekend at your tailgate or watch party with our specially-curated Spotify playlists!

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

So, you're planning on tailgating at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday and you need to come up with a playlist to get you and your friends pumped for the game. Not any ol' playlist will do, though. You want one that has a theme that aligns with your team. Thankfully, we here at College Crosse have come up with four special Spotify playlists for your Championship Weekend needs.

Do note that some of these songs have bad words and stuff, so make sure that you know your audience (i.e., children have sensitive ears, jerk). The last thing you want is that mouthbreathing feelings monster from Long Island/the DMV/New England giving you a lecture on why her little Billy and Tommy had to hear about an act that appears only on Urban Dictionary. We've given "*" symbols for songs that may offend the delicate tastes of feelings monster. Otherwise, you're all set to go!

Notre Dame Playlist: Irish and Irish-American Stuff

The Notre Dame Playlist

We're getting stereotypical here for the Fighting Irish, as we've come up with lots of Irish or Irish-based groups for this one. Yes, two of these songs deal with The Troubles, but that's because they also happen to be U2 and The Cranberries' best songs, so overlook that for a second. Feel free to skip those if you see a guy in a Celtic jersey pass by a guy in a Ranger jersey, though.

1. Dropkick Murphys: Victory (Notre Dame Fight Song)

2. U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday

3. The Cranberries: Zombie

4. The Pouges/Dubliners: The Irish Rover*

5. Flogging Molly: The Likes of You Again

6. Two Door Cinema Club: Undercover Martyn

7. Van Morrison: Brown Eyed Girl

8. Snow Patrol: Run

9. Dropkick Murphys: Fields of Athenry

10. The Irish Tenors: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Denver Playlist: O, Canada!

The Denver Playlist

The Denver Pioneers have been an incubator for some of the game's best Canadian players through the years. And we all know you want to make Wes Berg proud, so we're giving you a little playlist with acts from north of the border. (We saved your stabbin' arm from excessive stabbin' predilections by excluding Justin Bieber, Nickelback, and Simple Plan.)

1. Gordon Lightfoot: Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (as required by Canadian-Moose law)

2. Barenaked Ladies: Falling for the First Time

3. Treble Charger: American Psycho

4. Sum 41: In Too Deep

5. Arcade Fire: No Cars Go

6. Avril Lavigne: Complicated (okay, we added her)

7. Metric: Speed The Collapse

8. Billy Talent: Red Flag

9. Tokyo Police Club: Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

10. Neil Young: Rockin' in the Free World


Maryland Playlist: The Past Meets The Present

The Maryland Playlist

Did you know that Maryland has not won a men's lacrosse title since 1975? Did you also know that Maryland's made four of the past five Final Fours? If you didn't, consider this the first of several times that you'll hear that this week. If you did, then you'll enjoy this mix of 1970's hits (and "Beach Baby" because I want you to witness the best/worst final minute of music history) and some chart toppers from the Terps' recent Championship Weekend years.

1. Starbuck: Moonlight Feels Right

2. Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song

3. ABBA: Dancing Queen

4. The Who: Baba O'Riley

5. First Class: Beach Baby

6. Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks*

7. Fun.: We Are Young*

8. Avicii: Wake Me Up

9. Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk

10. The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (as required by law)

Hopkins Playlist: Mostly Mid 2000's Rap (Curated in Part by Eri_Barrister)

The Hopkins Playlist

I mean, I could have made this Imagine Dragons' "It's Time" 10 times in a row but I'm not trying to make you throw your computer into the river. That's why I got some assistance from my fellow contributing writer, Eri_Barrister. He's giving #THESTREETS some love with this one and harking back to Hopkins' return to the top of college lacrosse in the mid-2000's. Just make sure that Lil' Billy isn't around, which you should know already when you're blasting not-Will Smith rap music anyway.

1. The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (as required by law)

2. 50 Cent: A Baltimore Love Thing*

3. J-Kwon: Tipsy (Radio Mix)

4. Jim Jones: We Fly High (Ballin')

5. Blink 182: Feeling This

6. The Game: Put You On the Game*

7. T.I.: Bring Em Out*

8. Chingy: Right Thurr*

9. Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne: Make it Rain*

10. Eminem: Lose Yourself*


Happy Memorial Day Weekend and get those tunes cranking!