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Behind the Scenes with Denver: Part II

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Denver Lacrosse's "Journey"

2015 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament

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Behind the Scenes with Denver: Part I

Lacrosse Magazine tagged along with Denver and made a movie. Here's the first part.

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Denver Lacrosse Championship Video

DU did a pretty nice job with the visuals in this thing.

2015 NCAA Tournament: ESPN Championship Game Recap

Eamon and Quint recap the title game.

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2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Bracket: The Final Bracket

Denver Captures First National Title in 10-5 Win

The Pioneers join only nine other schools as owners of at least one Division I men's lacrosse championship.

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Jim Fenzel's Championship Game Mascot Portrait

Denver Boone has seen things, man.

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Lacrosse Championship Game Prop Bets

What do you like on the board?

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Kyle Bernlohr's Crazy Game-Saving Stop

He caught it with the butt end of his stick!

2015 NCAA Tournament: (6) Maryland v. (4) Denver

This is it: There's only one more "Go time!" left in 2015.

Maryland Survives Hopkins' Charge in 12-11 Win

The Terps will now look to snap a 40-year title drought.

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2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Bracket: Final Round Update

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Wes Berg's Behind the Back Beauty

He bounced it five-hole!

Denver Earns 11-10 (OT) Victory Against Notre Dame

The Pioneers have advanced to their first championship game appearance.

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Porn Star Picks Terps Over Blue Jays

Congratulations, Maryland?

Semifinals Win, Good Times Probabilities

Turning on the lacrosse computing machine to set the stage for this coming weekend's Final Four.

2015 Tourney: Incredible Semifinals Predictions

Trust me. This stuff is going to happen.

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Video: Maryland's Last Title

It's been 40 years since Maryland collared the gold medal, taking home the NCAA title in 1975 after thumping Navy, 20-13. The Terps are looking to end their four-decade drought this weekend.

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Notre Dame Semifinal Hype Video

The narrator has a deep voice like someone that voices trailers for action movies where things explode all over the place, so you know it's super serious.

THE FACEOFF: 2015 Championship Weekend

The final weekend of the season gets a huge edition of THE FACEOFF.

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Paul Carcaterra Previews Championship Weekend

Is that pond stocked with carp? Flounder?

2015 NCAA Tournament: Hopkins v. (6) Maryland

Semifinal Saturday's finale will feature a blood feud.

2015 NCAA Tournament: (4) Denver v. (1) Notre Dame

Semifinal Saturday starts with a potential explosive confrontation between the Pioneers and Irish.

2015 NCAA Tourney: Philly Cheesesteaks Rankings

This is serious business.

2015 NCAA Tournament: Your Final Four Playlist

Crank up the tunes this weekend at your tailgate or watch party with our specially-curated Spotify playlists!

Philadelphia Visitor's Guide: Eating & Night Life

Welcome to Part II of College Crosse's "What Should We Do Today" series. Are you hungry and/or looking for something to do? Good! Here is where you should eat and play!

2015 Tournament: ESPN's Championship Weekend Plans

Here's how ESPN will deliver lacrosse to the furniture that shows you moving images.

Philadelphia Visitor's Guide: Places to Visit

Welcome to the birthplace of America, everyone! Freedom is to your left, the Jersey Shore is to your right and College Crosse is your guide. Let's get after it!

2015 Tourney: Semifinal Saturday Beer Selections


2015 Tourney: Semifinal Saturday Tailgating Menu

One of the biggest dates on the lacrosse calendar requires an exceptional tailgating menu.

Maryland Flips Carolina's Suicide Switch, 14-7

Maryland is set for its fourth Championship Weekend appearance in the last five years.

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2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Bracket: Semifinal Update