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2014 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: The Bracket

Stick this on your cubicle or office wall and show your friends how smart you are.



(Click to enlarge. Then print it out or whatever. Here's a .pdf of the bracket.)

Important things you can do with this bracket:

  • Tape it to the side of one of those SpaceX rockets and show the aliens how much fun we're having down here with lacrosse tournaments.
  • Bury it in your backyard and, 50 years from now when you dig it up, ask yourself why you buried a piece of paper that didn't include important information like "THE ROBOTS ARE COMING TO ENSLAVE YOU, STUPID!" because the robots eventually enslaved you.
  • Wrap your crab cakes it in. Use it as a bib when you eat wings. Hell, I don't care what you do with it, you slob.
  • Send it to the selection committee with a nice note written on the back that both indicates your willingness for murder and the knowledge that death threats delivered through the mail is a federal offense and that you don't respect this damn government, dammit!

We'll see you out there.