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Lacrosse the Internet: November 24, 2014

Finally finished traveling for a few days. Let's back into the groove.

Turkey is on my mind.


’18 Rapid Reaction: Kenneally to Hopkins, Clibanoff Twins to OSU, Aburn to Syracuse, Summers to Michigan
Call freshman recruiting whatever you want to call it – outrageous, unnerving, terrible, premature – there are plenty of opinions out there. In reality, it’s not as insane as it sounds.

| 12 Players Who Impressed At The East Coast Fall Showcase At Landon
The Inaugural East Coast Fall Showcase and Team Invitational kicked off its first day of events at The Landon School in Bethesda, Md. on Saturday with some great weather providing the backdrop for a showcase of about 120 of the area’s top uncommitted talent. The day’s events concluded with an all-star game, in which Team Dark defeated Team White 8-6.

Class of 2018 standouts Matthew, Michael Clibanoff will take their twin talents to Ohio State lacrosse

Class of 2018 M Luke Summers will take his shot, skills to Michigan lacrosse
"Probably the most important factor in my decision was academics."

UDM Improvement ’15: Turnovers
Detroit’s story has been relatively consistent in the time I’ve been covering the team: The Titans have been very good defensively, but subpar on the offensive side of the ball. Bringing that portion of the team (rankings in the past four years: No. 46, 51, 55, 56 nationally from 2011-14) more in line with the other (Nos. 17, 34, 23, and 22 in the same span) can see the team make rapid improvement.

McLaughlin: Thompson's Impact As Big Off Field as On
We, as a Lacrosse Magazine staff, discussed other candidates for our annual Person of the Year selection, but in the end, the decision to nominate Lyle Thompson for the 2014 honor was fairly obvious. You already know what he did at Albany and with the Iroquois Nationals during the calendar year, and can read more about his accomplishments, on and off the field, and get to know his personality a bit in the December feature in the magazine that will be posted to this week.

Fall All-Access: Brown
Brown coach Lars Tiffany is excited about what he accomplished this fall. The first reason, of course, is the men on the team, a team that earned its second consecutive winning season last year despite lots of youth. Another reason is a new locker room facility that should mean a huge transformation for the program.


Yes, sir.

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