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Another huge week lies ahead in college lacrosse. THE FACEOFF is here to get you prepped.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The second half of this fine college lacrosse regular season is upon us. We've seen some great action so far and there's no doubt that the best is yet to come, but it's been a chaotic first half we're putting behind us. It seems like every single week teams have no idea whether they want to remain in a ranked position given all the upsets we've been seeing. Anything from 14th on back in the polls requires a Master's in "Being A Lacrosse Genius" to figure things out.

And to that, we say bring on more chaos!

But to you, who may have stepped off the lacrosse train for a second for March Madness, this might be a confusing time. You see, we told you last week was going to be a huge weekend of lacrosse. SPOILER ALERT: It was. And now you've got to get yourself prepped for yet another big one, especially with a 1-2 matchup looming in South Bend, not to mention an avalanche of games invading your TV sets on ESPNU, CBS Sports Network, Fox Sports 1, and the Big Ten Network.

That's where we come in with THE FACEOFF. We've got the scores from last week in case you didn't know Syracuse thrashed Duke or that Notre Dame shut out a ranked Ohio State team. We've got the polls to awaken you to the fact that Georgetown and Boston University -- yes, second year Boston University -- are doing awesome. And we set the stage for what should be a mind-blowing weekend of lacrosse.

Let's do this!

THE FACEOFF: Week 8 2015