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2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Open Thread: Colgate at (6) Massachusetts

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The NCAA Tournament rolls on! What a great day to be alive! (Well, that and you haven't been shot by an alien laser deathray, which makes existence pretty sweet on a day such as this.)

As soon as the brackets were announced last Sunday night, I immediately circled in a child's blood this Colgate-Massachusetts game as a must-watch. Peter Baum and Will Manny, operating on the same field at the same time, is arguably the most exciting facet of the entire first round. These two guys sit atop the world in offensive production and watching them go possession-for-possession may be the highlight of the tournament.

Minutemen partisans -- thanks to the wonder of abrasive Internet technology -- were none too pleased about Massachusetts'seed in the playoffs and may send angry letters littered with hand-drawn faces with "X's" for eyes to the NCAA if the Raiders drop Amherst's finest today. Colgate is also attempting to show the nation what it has, and the Minutemen will give them a solid test. (Without, hopefully, evidence of federal crimes involving death threats issued through the United States post should things go south.)

ESPNU and ESPN3 have you covered with the, well, coverage.

Here's how the game shakes out on the Fun Factor scale:

Colgate Massachusetts 2:30 5.9716 1

This is your open thread for the game. The Internet thanks you for visiting. Come back soon!

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