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College Lacrosse Weekend Internet Talking Interface: March 24 and 25, 2012

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Do you see that picture up there? Yes? It's an angry female badger. It's angry because its badger mate told her that she had put on some winter weight in the frozen hills of wherever badgers live. Female badgers are self-conscious like that.

There are 27 games today across Division I men's lacrosse, and I didn't think that was ever possible. Almost 89 percent of the cohort are in action today with four more teams going at it tomorrow. That's a lot of lacrosse for you to digest, so you better have a big glass of water or something. Let's distill all this nonsense to just the seven highlights on the day:

  • Duke at Georgetown: Loyola showed everyone how soft Georgetown's start to the season was earlier this week, but the Hoyas have another chance at a big scalp when the Blue Devils -- and its atomic offense -- come to D.C. today. Georgetown hasn't shown particularly well against its two strongest opponents this season -- Maryland and the Greyhounds -- but might have enough juice to run with Duke in a shootout.
  • Princeton at Yale: The Tigers are coming on strong and its statistical profile is looking stronger than its human poll ranking. Tom Schreiber is stomping his way toward first-team All America honors and with Jeff Froccaro in tow, the Tigers look little like the Princeton that took the field just a season ago. Yale is looking to snap a three-game losing streak, and a win against the Tigers keeps their Ivy League Tournament chances in good order.
  • Maryland at North Carolina: THESE TWO TEAMS HATE EACH OTHER! (Actually, I have no idea if they hate each other.) It's an ACC tilt down at Fetzer Field. The Terrapins are still trying to show the world that their loss against UMBC was a fluke while North Carolina is still trying to figure out what kind of team it is. Niko Amato may be the right kind of kryptonite to stymie all of the Tar Heels' weapons, but the big battle of the day may come at the dot between Maryland's Curtis Holmes and Carolina's R.G. Keenan.
  • Johns Hopkins at Virginia: Someone turn on the danger siren!
  • Loyola at UMBC: Loyola is still running undefeated on the season and won't see another team of its caliber until Denver on April 14th. There are landmines along the way, though, and the Retrievers are the first that they'll need to dodge. Also: Mike Sawyer is the wind.
  • Navy at Colgate: Peter Baum. Tucker Hull. That is all.
  • Villanova at Syracuse: Rest easy, Orange fans. Syracuse isn't located in Pennsylvania.

Here's the full slate for today and tomorrow:

MARCH 24, 2012
Manhattan Canisius 11:00 0.3961 27
Albany Bucknell 12:00 5.0816 5
Duke Georgetown 12:00 4.7446 6
Hobart Fairfield 12:00 2.1367 20
Princeton Yale 12:00 5.1935 4
Army Lafayette 12:00 3.5192 12
Maryland North Carolina 12:00 6.1171 3
Cornell Pennsylvania 12:00 4.0600 8
Stony Brook Bryant 1:00 2.8371 16
Binghamton Quinnipiac 1:00 1.1306 25
Brown Vermont 1:00 1.6753 22
Penn State St. Joseph's 1:00 1.1273 26
Marist Detroit 1:00 2.0997 21
VMI Jacksonville 1:00 1.5624 24
Holy Cross Lehigh 1:00 2.7031 17
Wagner Hartford 2:00 3.4108 13
Providence Siena 2:00 2.4783 18
Johns Hopkins Virginia 2:00 6.4002 2
Dartmouth Harvard 2:00 3.0984 15
Navy Colgate 2:00 4.3828 7
Mount St. Mary's Michigan 3:00 1.6723 23
Denver Air Force 3:00 6.4364 1
Hofstra Drexel 7:00 3.2882 14
Loyola UMBC 7:00 4.0132 9
St. John's Sacred Heart 7:00 2.1806 19
Bellarmine Ohio State 7:00 3.9842 10
Delaware Towson 7:30 3.8340 11

MARCH 25, 2012
Rutgers Notre Dame 1:00 3.0716 2
Villanova Syracuse 2:00 4.3824 1

This is your open thread for the weekend. It's going to be nice outside today, so totally ignore it and work on the ass grooves that you're trying to put into the couch. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy. Tomorrow's games will appear in a post, well, tomorrow.

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