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College Crosse Week 6 Top 20

A new name at the top (with a caveat)

Matt Dewkett

We’re finally beginning to get some clarity in what has been an incredibly wild and therefore muddled college lacrosse season. We have a new #1, albeit with a caveat, and for this week, a clear and decisive Top 5. Chris, Ryan, Adam, Safe, and myself took part in the voting. Directly below you can find each of our individual ballots and below that is the official College Crosse Top 20 poll for Week 6. Let us know any thoughts you have or what your Top 20 would be in the comments or on Twitter.

College Crosse Week 6 Top 20 Ballots

Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Rank
Rank Jake Adam Chris Safe Ryan Rank
1 Maryland Maryland Penn State Maryland Penn State 1
2 Penn State Penn State Maryland Penn State Maryland 2
3 Duke Yale Yale Duke Duke 3
4 Yale Duke Duke Yale Yale 4
5 Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State 5
6 Cornell Virginia Cornell Cornell Cornell 6
7 Towson Syracuse Towson Towson Towson 7
8 Virginia Cornell Loyola Virginia Georgetown 8
9 Georgetown Towson Virginia Loyola Loyola 9
10 Loyola Loyola Georgetown Georgetown Virginia 10
11 Syracuse Georgetown Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse 11
12 High Point Notre Dame High Point High Point Notre Dame 12
13 Notre Dame High Point Notre Dame Notre Dame High Point 13
14 Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver 14
15 Lehigh Lehigh Lehigh Lehigh Lehigh 15
16 Richmond Johns Hopkins Richmond Richmond Hobart 16
17 Johns Hopkins Penn Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins 17
18 Penn Army Army West Point Penn Richmond 18
19 Army North Carolina Penn Army Penn 19
20 Hobart Air Force Hobart UMass Army 20

College Crosse Week 6 Top 20

Rank College Crosse Top 20
Rank College Crosse Top 20
1 Maryland
2 Penn State
3 Duke
4 Yale
5 Ohio State
6 Cornell
7 Towson
8 Virginia
9 Loyola
10 Georgetown
11 Syracuse
12 High Point
13 Notre Dame
14 Denver
15 Lehigh
16 Johns Hopkins
17 Richmond
18 Penn
19 Army
20 Hobart

As you can see, Skyler did not vote this week. He voted Penn State #1 last week and so it’s likely he’d have them there this week as well. But since he did not, Maryland ascends to the #1 ranking in the College Crosse Top 20 for the first time this season, garnering 3 votes to the Nittany Lions 2. They unanimously made up the Top 2. Off of another great win this weekend, Duke goes to #3. Yale makes a return to the Top 5 after knocking off Cornell, sliding in at #4. Ohio State is still 5th after their game against Denver was cancelled. Cornell, the lone Top 5 team to fall out from last week is 6th. The one team to fall out of the Top 10 is Notre Dame, who fell spots to 13th after their loss to Virginia, who took their spot in the Top 10 at #8.

Only 3 teams this week fell out of the Top 20, those being Rutgers after two losses in which they held multiple goal leads in the 2nd Half to Lehigh and Syracuse, Colgate after a loss to Canisius, and Delaware from #20 after giving away a late lead against Johns Hopkins. The three new entries to the Top 20 all slide in in the last 3 spots, those being Penn, Army, and Hobart.