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College Crossecast Little Boxes Project 4: Club Lacrosse with Buffalo’s Jonathan Benitez & Penn State’s Patrick Gilbert

It’s the return of the Little Boxes Project and we kick off this slate with a look into the world of collegiate club lacrosse

It’s a fresh batch of Little Boxes Project episodes of College Crossecast! If you’re new to these types of episodes, it’s simply a little bit of a love letter of sorts to my town of Levittown, NY and its lacrosse community where I talk to those involved in the game and getting their stories out. And on this edition, we take a special turn into the world of college club lacrosse.

I’m joined by Jonathan Benitez, who played defense at Buffalo, and Patrick Gilbert, who did the same at Penn State. We talk about how they first found the sport (1:34) before diving into how they chose to go the academic route for college rather than the NCAA route and then deciding to go into the club lacrosse scene (7:34). Given that Buffalo has no NCAA team and plays in the MCLA while Penn State is in the NCLL with its varsity team D-1, the two discuss the differences between their leagues (18:00) and structures. They share their lessons learned from club lacrosse that they carry with them in the workplace (31:00), and the memories they had from their tournaments and trips (33:50). As usual, we lighten up at the end by having Jon and Pat discuss their favorite things (1:07:00).

If you subscribe to College Crossecast on iTunes or Google Play, you’ll receive Little Boxes Project episodes as well. You can also listen along on Podomatic or in the player below.

And the Spotify account’s back too, with Jon and Pat adding their favorites to the playlist. You can catch their choices with those from my guests last year down below. There are some songs with explicit lyrics, so use your best decision if you’ve got kids in the car.

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