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College Crossecast Little Boxes Project 3: Boston College’s Lauren Costello (The Women’s Lacrosse Special)

We promised we had a women’s lacrosse special on our sleeves, and we’re delivering it as the former star attacker for the Eagles hops on board in the latest Little Boxes project.

Lauren Costello

After a long wait, we’ve got the women’s lacrosse special episode (no worries, it won’t be the last) for College Crossecast done! And thanks to it being with a Levittown native, it becomes our third episode of the Little Boxes project.

Joining me on this edition is former Boston College star Lauren Costello, who set records for the Eagles on attack in her time from 2007-10 and helped to build the foundation for the program, who went to their first Final Four and title game this spring.

In this episode we talk about how she got into lacrosse (4:06) and her memories of playing at Holy Trinity (6:14). We then dive into her choice of lacrosse over basketball for her collegiate career as well as the decision to go to BC (8:29). She tackles her collegiate career at 9:30 as we discuss some of her favorite things about being an Eagle. She also reflects on being a huge part of a program that’s made huge gains in the past few seasons (13:00)

We digress to the women’s lacrosse in general portion of the podcast at 14:50, where we tackle the hot button issues of rule changes, helmets, and the growth of the women’s game. Afterwards we return to Lauren’s story, including her time coaching in England (20:06) and what she’s up to now (21:36). And of course, we have some fun along the way with the personality section (22:50).

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And of course, Lauren added some of her favorites to our Spotify playlist, which can be heard down below!