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College Crossecast Little Boxes Project 2: Notre Dame's Glenn Cocoman

Mineola HS head coach and former Division Blue Dragon and Notre Dame Fighting Irishman Glenn Cocoman joins the Crossecast for the second edition of the Little Boxes Project.

Photo provided by Glenn Cocoman

On the second edition of the Little Boxes Project, focusing on my hometown of Levittown, NY, we’ve got a very special guest that’s been a big part of our lacrosse community. Glenn Cocoman, who was my varsity lacrosse coach back when I played at Division, is currently the head coach at Mineola high school. But in addition to being a coach, he has a storied lacrosse past that goes well back to the early days of the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse program.

We dive into Cocoman’s introduction to the sport and his playing days as a high school midfielder at Division (2:02). From there we talk about his process of choosing to play at Notre Dame (8:50), which sure is a lot different that the recruiting of today. He goes into his time with the Irish at the beginning of Coach Corrigan’s tenure in South Bend (12:30), the memories he made (16:30), and even shares a little trivia fact in regards to Rudy (19:00).

Afterwards Cocoman tells me how he got his start into coaching (23:18), including his early years working his way through the ranks on the way to becoming the head coach at Division. We then discuss his experience at the Empire State Games with some of lacrosse’s best players (33:00) and his journey into the college coaching world as an assistant at D-2 Molloy (37:17) before finally settling at Mineola (41:04), where he still leads the Mustangs as head lacrosse coach. We also dive into his personal life with the importance his family of six plays in his life (45:45) and some of his pop culture favorites (47:49). You won’t want to miss his Spotify playlist below!

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Coach Cocoman also added his songs for the Spotify playlist, which are added with Nuckel’s below for your listening pleasure. Bear in mind some songs may contain explicit lyrics, so listener’s discretion is advised.