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Here’s Your NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse First Round Bingo Card!

Make an already fun weekend even more fun!

Rising Seas And Warming Temperatures Force Alaskan Coastal Community To Move Inland Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

We already know that this weekend will be awesome with the start of the NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament, but you know what we can do to make it more enjoyable?


That’s right, everyone’s favorite game that’s played in nursing homes and other functions has a lacrosse twist to it, because why not! You’ve seen them during the Super Bowl or other big sporting events, so why not do it for eight lacrosse games! As you watch all eight games on Saturday and Sunday, be sure to fill out your cards whenever you see or hear something that’s on this card!

The free space is obviously the Hopkins band playing, because we know it’s gonna happen. Hopefully. It’s uber-rare to see an NCAA Tournament game have a shutout. But with what’s happened this year, anything could happen. Heck, even Bryant could upset Maryland (not gonna happen whatsoever)!