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College Crosse Prospectus: Turkey Bowl Takeover

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for November 21, 2017.

What You Missed

We returned to the podcast airwaves with our AMA edition!

The Louisville Cardinals have found their new women’s lacrosse coach.

The Paladins are hoping for another sneaky season in the SoCon.

The daughters of former Philadelphia Eagles tight end “Arkansas” Fred Barnett are going to Virginia to row and play lacrosse.

Lacrosse The Nation

Football baby!

Or if your Cornell, you celebrate with a turkey trot!

More twists and turns for Canadian lacrosse. First, Joey Harris has been re-elected as president of the Canadian Lacrosse Association. Meanwhile, national women’s team director Gary Gait backs the three volunteers that resigned this past weekend, from Mike Davies of the Peterborough Examiner:

Gait was told by the CLA he wasn't included because his term expired at the end of this year's worlds. That was news to Gait and the management group as the CLA's national teams policy and guidelines, on a page six chart, does not indicate the women's director expiring in 2017.

While the other three were told by phone their services were no longer required, Gait was told he could re-apply for his position.

Gait said as far as he's concerned he's with the other three as he put his name to the same letter that demanded the CLA work to regain its Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association status and improve insurance coverage for national team players or else they'd resign on March 31.

"I'm backing our group and I'm supporting them," Gait said. "If we could get things resolved and they'd come back to the table then maybe we could all re-apply and step back into our roles. I think we have a long way to go to get there.

"We've offered to sit down and talk about how to move forward and how to work better with the CLA but all we had was this existing agreement. We've been offering to sit down and work through it and try to improve it and we haven't been invited to the table. As a coach, a business person, I'd think you'd want all the people that are involved in our current programs to at least give you feedback and input."

Congrats to Ohio State Buckeyes coach Brad Ross!

Former Hartford Hawks attackman Jaedon Henderson is staying close to home in Ithaca as a volunteer assistant for the Bombers.

NJIT announced their 2018 captains:

Senior Nick Marzullo, juniors Ryan Darrow and Aaron Forster and sophomore John Tachon will take the reigns as captains for the spring.

"We are excited to announce the captains for this coming season", [Travis] Johnson said, "Not only are these four the hardest working guys on the team, but they also represent the epitome of a student-athlete.

Stop the Movember competitions, we have a winner!

Speaking of the Tigers, sophomore attackman Drew Laundry spoke to Phil Shore of the New England Lacrosse Journal about lacrosse and his famous cousin:

You’re joined this year by fellow Billerica High School graduate Tyler Canto. What are your thoughts on teaming back up with him? "It’s always good to be with a Billerica teammate. I’m really excited for Tyler. He’s put in a lot of work in the offseason. We both did. It’s great for the town of Billerica. We’re not well-known across the states, but we have great alumni. It’s great to have two Billerica people on Towson."

Your cousin is NBA player Georges Niang. What was it like growing up with him? "It was a great resource growing up, going to his games at Tilton (School). He played with Nerlens Noel (of the Dallas Mavericks). I saw his work ethic as a young kid. I saw the work ethic you need to go Division 1 anything. He would be shooting at 2 a.m. We still keep in contact now. I call and ask questions. … He was babysitting me when I was young. We’d play one-on-one in the driveway. I never beat him, but he was a great mentor for me growing up."

What do you want to let readers know about you? "The guys last year, the senior class at Towson, they welcomed me as a freshman. It was a great senior team. Ryan Drenner, Jack Adams, all the guys. Last year was one of the greatest years in my lacrosse career. I hope to have more to come.

Marisa spoke to Toronto Rock GM Jamie Dawick about the NLL/MLL crossover:

Shoutout to Brian Rehm, who signed with Virginia yesterday as one of their newest members!

"You're one of us now," [Lars] Tiffany told the wheelchair-bound Rehm after he signed his letter of intent with the Wahoos, and Hooper presented the 10-year-old with his UVA lacrosse jersey.

The room filled with applause several times, including a standing ovation from the rest of the lacrosse team to welcome Rehm as their newest teammate.

Rehm called the moment "really exciting." It was an opportunity "that meant a lot," according to his father Brian.

"I've coached for years," the elder Rehm said. "And he loves being on the field with the guys, after practice he's, same kind of things he's doing here. Playing catch with the guys. Fist-bumping, joking around. That's just him. So it's cool."

Bryant Bulldogs senior Tom Kennedy is a two-sport star:

The Tar Heels spent some time in New York City this past weekend:

Philly Jawns

Prior to his plane crash earlier this month, investigators said Roy Halladay performed turns in his plane.

World News

I’m here for LaVar Ball vs. Donald Trump.

Video of the Day

The Georgia Dome was imploded yesterday:

Did you watch it on The Weather Channel for some reason? We feel bad for you:

Atlanta made fun of it all night:

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