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You had questions, we have answers.

Battleground State Of Ohio Key To Winning Presidency For Candidates Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

We asked for your questions for an episode of College Crossecast, and now we’re here with the results. Welcome to the AMA edition of our show!

I’m joined by Safe, Chris, and Jake as we respond to your questions. We thank all that gave us your questions through e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook and we hope we did your questions justice. You’ll soon find out we had a really fun time with this one. Also given it’s Thanksgiving this week, we did some Thanksgiving-centric questions of our own as well. We have all the questions and time stamps below the player.

You can listen to the episode at Podomatic or down in the player below. Be sure to subscribe to us on both iTunes and Google Play so you never miss a College Crossecast episode. Thanks again for listening and have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!!

College Crosse AMA Podcast

Introduction - 0:01

The Pit (Twitter) - 2:30

  • Can't seem to recall the score of the Princeton-#3 ranked undefeated Johns Hopkins game. Any of you guys remember?
  • Also can't seem to remember who won the 2017 men's and women's national championship?
  • Jokes aside, when are we doing a Crossecast/PitCast crossover episode?

1987 Sucks (Twitter) - 4:45

  • I want to hear some discussion on the pros and cons of the PL going to 2 divisions for conference play to open non-con SOS now that multiple teams are rising and, if by doing so, they would have a better shot at multiple bids.

Marisa (Twitter) - 17:45

  • What’s BU’s ceiling in 2018?
  • Thoughts on the recent MLL news.

Lauren (Facebook) - 21:30

  • How will Bingo fair with the loss of Moore, Cosens and Waldron?

Team ND ATL (Twitter) - 28:20

  • St. Anthony's or Chaminade (be careful how you answer)
  • Come up with a better word for convincing a recruit of a better option than "poaching". It's such a negative word and our beloved Irish are so good at it.
  • Which ACC misses out on ACC tournament.
  • Does John Sexton have a chance to win both the USILA LSM of the year and Schmiesser Awards? He's an offensive threat, but definitely the biggest name defense-first LSM in college in many years.

Tanner (Facebook) - 36:45

  • How did you all get started working for College Crosse and SB nation?

Ryan (AMA Doc) - 44:35

  • Who were your favorite lacrosse players growing up?

Keith (Twitter) - 49:29

  • With the advancement of robot design, which now includes back flipping models. How are you preparing for the end of mankind? (You guys are great. Two point shot should be banned, like a dmid with ankle socks.)

Safe (AMA Doc) - 51:00

  • Which ACC & non-ACC school will be the next to get D1 men’s lacrosse?
  • The one thing you’re thankful for this year.

Twitter TOP 5s - 1:07:45

Words that start with silent letter (RichardPasta); Syracuse Players (Eri_Barrister); Hotbeds (Dan Ariesta); MLL Commissioner candidates (LeggedThree); Celebrities (Chris Jastrzembski); Lacrosse games (Jake Nazar); Tewaaraton Nominees; NCAA Lacrosse stadiums (Ryan).

College Crosse Thanksgiving Poll questions - 1:42:40