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College Crosse Chat Vol. VII: MLL Analyst, Marisa Ingemi!!

In our seventh College Crosse Chat we chop it up with writer, broadcaster, and MLL Lacrosse analyst, Marisa Ingemi. We talked about what the MLL is doing well over other leagues, expansion, and, of course, where to eat in Boston.

Let's chat!
Let's chat!
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@Marisa_Ingemi is a @BU_Tweets undergrad, and a contributor at @ESPNNH, @TheVictoryPress, @BUNewsService, @FanGraphs, & College Crosse. She is the founder and manager of @LacrosseWeTrust and has been writing about lacrosse for over six years.

Marisa is one of the best & hardest working writers in either the college or pro game and her Twitter handle is a must-follow. Marisa was gracious enough to answer some questions for the Nation about the @MLL_Lacrosse. Hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks again, Marisa! Let's get after it.

(CC questions in bold)

1.  What do you find more challenging, writing about the MLL or broadcasting for a @BostonCannons game?

Broadcasting is what I am the newest at, and what takes the most actual physical effort. It's still so much energy and effort to talk throughout the entire game, have all the numbers memorized, and literally be an expert of everything happening without having a chance to research, like you would for a story. I think broadcasting has really become my new passion, as I love analyzing and describing the game, especially a team like the Cannons I grew up around.

2.   I asked Joe this question last week, but I would love to know your answer as well, is there an aspect of the college game you wish the pro game would adopt & vice versa?

I wish the college game would have a full time shot clock and I would love to see a two point line just so collegiate players could learn how to use it before going pro. I have a few quarrels with statkeeping at the pro level and I think the NCAA does a great job with turnovers, clears, etc, just stuff I'd love to see in real time during an MLL game.

3.   Who or what has surprised you the most this season in the MLL?

From a Cannons perspective, I've loved to see guys like Joe Nardella, James Fahey, and Ryan Izzo emerge. Josh Hawkins and Brent Adams are also having breakout seasons. For the entire league, I think a lot of the Atlanta Blaze have stood out, especially Randy Staats stepping up. Myles Jones being traded to Chesapeake might have been THE biggest surprise of the season overall so far.

4.  I enjoyed your post on possible NLL expansion, do you see the MLL expanding soon?

Yeah, I think MLL wants to expand, and I think they've clearly targeted Houston, Southern Cal, Minnesota, and Connecticut. Me and one of my MLL broadcast partners actually have an expansion document of possible destinations for the league. I would be so interested in west coast expansion into untraditional markets like Portland, or Seattle, or Utah, someone to give the Denver Outlaws a natural rival since both California teams folded

5.  Related to number 4, will we see a Canadian MLL team within the next 10 years?

The league has said a few times they don't anticipate returning to Canada. Since so many Canadian players play indoor box lacrosse in the summer, I don't think it would sway many players over anyways.

6.  What is the MLL doing better than other sports leagues?  Where can it most improve?

MLL is media and fan friendly. The autograph sessions after the games are special and unlike anything any other league does. The quality of play is top notch, and recently they've done a great job on social media as well. The league knows its audience and does a great job to reach it. Yet, exposure remains an issue. Is having games exclusively broadcasted on a paywall, lacrosse only network the best way to reach new fans? The Lacrosse Sports Network is high quality and do great work, but is it the best way to have the strongest possible audience?

7.  Denver has led the league in attendance every year except for 2012, is there something special about the Denver market or are the Outlaws just better at fan engagement than other teams?

First of all, the Outlaws have the 4th of July game that boosts attendance numbers big time, but they and Boston have consistently been the best at having an audience. The New York Lizards have done a great job to improve the past few years, and rebranding as "New York" has no doubt helped, along with the addition of Paul Rabil. Yet some teams like Charlotte and Chesapeake have seen a decline. Joe Keegan mentioned on Twitter that the league is counting attendance differently now, looking at actual attendance compared to tickets sold, so it looks lower for the Bayhawks and Hounds. Yet, the disparity of teams like Denver and say, Rochester, is still way too much.

8.  Are the Cannons going to make the playoffs?

The Cannons are in a three team race with the Bayhawks and Hounds. Boston has the tiebreaker over Chesapeake but Charlotte swept the Cannons, so it will be a battle. The Cannons lost four out of five games but the Thursday win over Chesapeake was huge and gets them back in the race. Ohio dropped with two sudden surprising losses after looking like one of the most dominant teams in the league, which also makes things interesting. It's tight, with even New York holding just a one game lead over first place. Boston has to limit turnovers late in games and focus on having good possessions, getting their shot on net and not looking for the perfect shot.

9.  What are you watching outside of sports right now?

Outside of sports? Is that a thing? In all seriousness, I don't watch much TV but I'm pretty hooked on Orange is the New Black and just watched the fourth season that debuted and am still recovering from that. I've been meaning to watch Game of Thrones or even older series such as Boardwalk Empire, and one of my friends is dying to have me watch Sherlock, but with classes dictating life, not that easy hah

10.  What's a good place to go to eat in Boston?

Lots of great places in Boston. Lately I've been going to University Grill on Comm Ave while the summer dining hall has some complaints from me. Cane's, T Anthony's, and Sunset Cantina are also must stop places if you're on BU campus, which is where I am 99% of the time. Throughout Boston, you have the North End with unlimited Italian restaurants, with Pizzeria Regina as my favorite. Mike's Pastry is also pretty great after exploring there a few times last semester. I'm also a big fan of Boston Beerworks (for food, not 21 till next year) at Fenway and near the TD Garden.

Thanks again, Marisa!!