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The College Crosse Game Day Open Thread For April 1, 2016.

It's no joke, Duke vs. North Carolina is tonight

Happy Hour Lacrosse!
Happy Hour Lacrosse!
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Shout out to goodfella, @Morrisoncrying, for sharing the link. This picture is amazing and HRC's face is the same one I have when I read a #FireDesko comment on

All rankings based on the USILA Week 7 Poll.

Main Board For April 1, 2016.
Time Game TV/Stream/Live Stats
6:00 #8 Duke vs. #15 North Carolina ESPNU


The Skittles Scale! (Ed. Note: For information/entertainment purposes only! #WeDoNotEndorseGambling)

Pièces Jointes.

  • Doyle Smith Cup video from UVA.

  • Great MU video interview with BOSS Amplo.

I'll see you out there!