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THE FACEOFF: 2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Championship Weekend

We bring out all the bells and whistles for the Championship Weekend edition of THE FACEOFF.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend! This is it, folks. The national champion will be determined in the next three games -- either Notre Dame or Denver gets their first title, Maryland ends a 40-year drought, or Johns Hopkins goes back to being the center of the lacrosse universe.

It all goes down in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field. In addition to setting up the matchups in this edition of THE FACEOF, we're hitting you with a bunch of stats and a look at all the other championships that will be decided over the weekend. We've even given you some fun facts to tell your friends about each competing school. Let's get this lacrosse party started by hitting you with some knowledge, son.

THE FACEOFF 2015 NCAA Final Four