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2015 Ivy League Lacrosse Tournament: THE FACEOFF

Get smartened up with our infographic preview of this year's Ivy League Tournament.


Another regular season has come and gone in the Ivy League and once again things are dicey heading into its conference tournament. A tightly packed Ivy League meant a three-way tie for the regular season title (which still means something in the Ivy, for what it's worth -- TROPHIES AND RINGS FOR 'ERRYBODY!) while the fourth seed had to go to a tiebreaker to squeeze through. Things got straight up chaotic at times in the Ivy League in 2015, with some really good teams beating up on each other.

This all means that the big storyline heading into the weekend is The Big Barbeque bubble. It has to be that way when we're talking Ivy League, right? The league is one of the best conferences in the nation, but with the ACC hogging up at-large spots there are only so many non-automatic bids to go around. This could be a make or break few days for the Ivy. Cornell is safely into the NCAA Tournament and could be playing for a seed. Brown, Princeton, and Yale? Well, they'll look to run the table this weekend to breathe easier on Selection Sunday, because as of right now they're in the conversation but not locked in with furious smiles (Brown may be the most comfortable at this point). A win this weekend can do wonders for all four Ivy League Tournament combatants, but one loss can erode their postseason chances. Here's how things shake out in the Ancient Eight-minus-Columbia: